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 I want to continue being part of the conversation on:

Affordable Housing, Education, Juvenile Justice, Medicaid Expansion, Equal Pay For Women, Living Wage Jobs, Business, Tourism and the Environment.

Affordable Housing - We need more safe, clean and affordable housing options. Also, the legislature needs to stop raiding the “Sadowski Trust Fund”.

· Criminal Justice Reform - Over 2400 arrest in St. Petersburg. The State Juvenile Jail Bed budget is $196 Million Dollars. Mostly Privatized this is “Cash For Kids”, also ” Rights Restoration” I believe that once a person repays his/her debt to society. They should have full rights restoration and be able to enjoy the American Dream.

· Medicaid Expansion - 850,000 Floridians uninsured, people need access to good health care and it creates jobs.

· Equal Pay For Women - Equal Pay, for Equal Work. Women earn 73 cent to the mans dollar. This issue is even more detrimental in retirement.

· Transportation Options - BRT, Uber, Lyft and ZipCar, people need options for School, Work and Play.

· Business & Tourism - Advocate for Business, Sports and Medical Tourism.

· Environment - Renewable Energy - Florida is the Sunshine State, I want to work to use more of our sustainable resources.  Amendment #1 - Proper funding for Clean Water and the Preservation of our natural resources is important.

· Education - With 5 Failing Schools in the district, adequately funding education with and emphasis on Early Childhood. Because ages birth to 5 years are the key development years for a child’s brain.

· Living Wage Jobs - People need to earn a good wage to be able to live and provide for there families.


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